The Product

Are all hats and jackets stocked and available for immediate delivery?
With few exceptions, all products are in-stock and available. Customers will be notified immediately of any out-of-stock situations.

Can I combine colors or styles to get a better price?
Yes all hats can be combined to obtain a better total quantity price and all jackets can be combined to obtain a better total quantity price.  But you can not combine hats with jackets to obtain a better total quantity price.

Can I import hats and jackets directly?
The Company offers a direct import program which can produce some substantial savings on orders with as little as 1000 jackets and 720 hats with 120 day lead times. For more information contact the Company directly.


Are stock embroidery designs copyrighted?
All designs in our stock embroidery library herein are copyrighted. They are for the exclusive use of Escape Sportif customers, and may not be copied or reproduced elsewhere.

Can I change a stock design?
Any design in our stock embroidery library may be color changed and/or resized slightly. Be careful not to exceed the size maximums. Normally the Company sews designs and name-drops in colors that compliment the product but special requests may be honored as well.


Can my own logo or design be embroidered?
Yes. The majority of the Company’s projects utilize customers’ logos. If no embroidery diskette is available (see “What is Digitizing” below), the Company’s In-house digitizers will convert the logo artwork to a digitized format that can be read by the embroidery machine. There is a one-time set-up fee to do so. (See “set-up fee” below.)


Is there a set-up fee?
Only if there is only artwork (no digitized embroidery diskette). In such cases there is a one-time charge – no to exceed $95.00 for creating the embroidery pattern and a machine-readable diskette. The embroidery design then becomes the customer’s property and, at the customer’s direction will be e-mailed to anyone without additional charge.


How do I send my logo or design for embroidering?
The easiest and fastest way is to e-mail designs in as high a resolution as possible, preferably 200 dpi or higher. It can only be sent in one of the follow formats: .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .psd, or .cdr. Designs may also be mailed directly to the Company at:

39301 Badger St., Suite 600
, Palm Desert, CA. 92211.




What may be embroidered on a hat or jacket?
The Company will only embroider designs where ownership, copyright, and right to reproduction authority is clearly defined and legal.


Can I place more than one embroidery on a hat or  jacket?
Yes.  Each additional embroidery location will add $1.95 to the basic price.  This price includes up to 6000 stitches.


What is digitizing?
Digitizing is the process of creating embroidery from simple artwork. It requires both a specialized software program and trained technician to produce an embroidery stitch format that can be read by embroidery machinery.

Will my embroidery look good?
Generally caps and hats love embroidery since there is little stretch to the fabric during the stitching process. Only when letters are too small (less than 1/4”) or when backgrounds are completely filled underneath lettering, or letters contain outlines can problems occur. Also since embroidery uses thread, color changes cannot occur gradually. Usually however accommodations can be made that will enhance the embroidery while retaining the character of the design. The Company’s design staff will contact customers when there are design issues.


How do I send my embroidery diskette?
If you have used an embroiderer previously and have your design already digitized, simply ask the embroiderers to email that design in a “.dst“  format. This is a universally recognized format for transporting digitized embroidery. It is not necessary to send the actual diskette unless you cannot contact your previous embroidery company.




How long does it take to process an order?
Orders for blank jackets will be shipped immediately after payment is processed. Embroidered items will be sent within 2 weeks after art has been approved by customer, but can be shipped within just 3 days following payment processing—see “rush fee” below.


Rush Fee?
A $50.00 rush fee will be charged on all orders requiring early shipment.


Can my order be changed after being submitted?
Orders cannot be changed once they have entered the production process. It is usually too late to change an order because production begins immediately upon receipt. However, customers wishing to change an order are urged to immediately call our Customer Service Desk at 1-800-745-1667 and we will endeavor to accommodate change requests.


Can I cancel my order?
Upon receipt all orders are immediately entered into the production process.  Therefore cancellations can only be accepted upon payment of a $25.00 cancellation fee and only within the first 24 hours following receipt. After 1 day orders can not be canceled.



What shipping methods are available?
FedEx Ground, FedEx 3-Day, FedEx 2-Day, FedEx-Next Day—PM Delivery and FedEx Next Day—AM Delivery. Freight charges are calculated based on the cartooned weight of the shipment. The charges, depending on the FedEx services requested, are automatically posted on orders.


How is my freight calculated?
Freight is calculated automatically based on the FedEx published rates (by type of service and region) based on estimated carton(s) weights.


What method of payment can I use?
For U.S. and Canadian orders we accept Checks, Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express credit cards and debit cards.


Is there sales tax?  
No sales tax is charged to any customers outside of California. For California residents that have a California Resale Number no sales tax will be charged.  If you live in California and do not have a California Resale Number sales tax will be charged.

What is your return policy?
The Company unconditionally guarantees that its products are manufactured to the highest standards.  Defects in materials or workmanship will entitle customers to receive a return authorization and, at our option, a replacement, credit or refund. Customers are cautioned to be extremely careful when approving the Art Approval when ordering custom embroidery as the Company can only assume that the spelling, punctuation, etc., requested is correct and the way the customer wants it.  Unfortunately, products cannot be un-embroidered.

What is your embroidery production capability?
The Company has in-house 180 state-of-the-art embroidery heads for production.  Giving us over 1000-piece-per-day production capability.  Most machines have 12 heads operating simultaneously to produce any given design. Note: Quantities are required to be ordered in dozens for this reason.


Do you have a catalog?
This web site is our only catalog. Products can be displayed to be more easily seen on a computer screen. When products are added or changed, the web site immediately reflects such changes. The web site therefore is always up to date. A catalogue would only add an unnecessary cost to the products.


Will a salesman call me?
No. Our only salesman is the web site. Therefore no sales costs need to be added to the price.



What will you do with my information?
Absolutely nothing. Information in our files remains closed to any outside party.  It will not be sold, conveyed, or in any other way made available to a third party for any purpose whatsoever. Further, Yahoo has a privacy policy to which we fully subscribe. It can be viewed in its entirety by click on “privacy policy” on the task bar.


39301 Badger Street, Unit 600 • Palm Desert • CA • 92211